Ecological basket with support for the suitcase

Ecological basket with support for the suitcase
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BASKET is a basket specially designed to transport any type of objects easily and safely while driving, and also carry them with you comfortably once out of the car. A perfect fusion of simple use, impeccable ergonomics, modern design and attention to detail.

Forget about plastic bags, organizers and collapsible boxes, and find your purchases scattered around the suitcase before you get to your destination...

  • Strong and robust, with foldable handle, ergonomic, easy to use with one hand sole
  • Made with 94% recycled plastic, an ecological alternative to disposable plastic bags
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Using your own basket for shopping avoids risks to health and hygiene of cars and baskets that many people use
  • Suitable for any male, small or large, without the need for installation or perforation
  • Easiest impossible: Put the support where you want it in the suitcase, and change it when you need it
  • Non-slip support on any wooden floor, wooden case, plastic or gum
  • Keep it in its place even during a trip full of bags, preventing the contents from spilling out.
  • Maximum load capacity of 12kg and volume of 21L. Measurements: 29.2cm x 43.8cm x 20cm

Inside and outside the car, BASKET is ideal for transporting shopping, drinks, picnics, toys, camping items, beach, gym, sports and everything you can imagine… it's up to you!

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